Kevin Berner, M.Ed., M.A.

Kevin Berner joined Wanzenberg and Associates in 2014 as our resident literacy interventionist. Kevin enjoys working as Interventionist and Executive Functioning Skills Coach with the goal of guiding a wide range of learners toward a life of self-advocacy and academic independence.

Mr. Berner maintains  Board Certification in Advocacy for Special Education (BCASE)

Kevin’s EF clients benefit from his certification in the PESI Evidence-Based EF Strategies to Change Behavior which include:

  1. Analyze a comprehensive neuropsychological model of executive functions as it relates to clinical treatment.
  2. Communicate how executive function difficulties are manifested in individuals diagnosed with various psychological disorders and/or enrolled in special education programs as it pertains to assessment and treatment planning.
  3. Apply effective assessment techniques based on a multidimensional framework to determine executive function strengths and weaknesses and to target specific intervention needs.
  4. Recommend strategies that are appropriate for fostering executive function development and/or for intervening when executive function difficulties are identified.
  5. Implement strategies that bridge the gap between “external control” and “internal self-regulation”.
  6. Utilize mindfulness, CBT and other evidence-based programs to foster executive function development and/or remediate difficulties.

He provides strategy-based literacy and executive functioning support to middle and high schoolers, as well as to the many college students we serve.  

Kevin graduated from Indiana University in ’00 with a B.A. in English.  He then earned a Masters degree in Education (M.Ed.) from Benedictine University, where he published a qualitative study on notions of equity in selective enrollment education.  

His English teaching career started in Chicago Public Schools at Jones College Prep High School. He then moved to the suburbs and brought his love for English to Glenbard School District 87 in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

Recognizing a greater need for literacy development in his students, Kevin completed a Masters degree (M.A.) in Reading from Northeastern Illinois University.  Kevin lives in Wheaton with his wife, Suzi, and two daughters, Saede and Shayne. Kevin maintains dual certification as both a general education and special education teacher (LBS I).

Kevin can be contacted at or (630) 545-0234