Britt Hanson, LCSW

Britt Hanson joined Wanzenberg and Associates in 2022. She serves as Executive Functioning Coach with the goal of “meeting clients where they are, functionally.” Using a relational, strengths-based approach, Britt partners with clients to develop a support systems that are effective and student-focused.

As a full-time educator, interventionist, and certified school social worker, Britt views learning challenges as a pathway to understand and intervene with clients’ individualized executive functioning needs. Britt’s clients and our team at W&A benefit from her background in education and her clinical social work background which empowers her clients and helps caregivers to:

  1. Analyze comprehensive evaluations as it relates to clinical treatment of executive functioning challenges
  2. Examine mental health diagnoses and the potential characteristics and challenges that impact executive function systems
  3. Communicate how executive function difficulties are manifested in individuals diagnosed with various psychological disorders and/or are enrolled in special education programs as it pertains to assessment and treatment planning
  4. Apply effective assessment techniques based on multidimensional framework to determine executive function strengths and weaknesses and to target specific intervention needs
  5. Recommend strategies that are appropriate for fostering executive function development and/or for intervening when executive function difficulties are identifies
  6. Implement strategies that bridge the gap between “external control” and “internal self-regulation”
  7. Utilize mindfulness-based strategies, cognitive behavioral strategies and other evidence-based programs and strategies to foster executive function development and remediate difficulties 

Britt supports our efforts at W&A as an educator, but her clinical background and insight is critical for the student populations we serve whose executive functions  are increasingly impacted by affective disorders, dysregulation, and concomitant disabilities.

Britt graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2011 with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and an emphasis on Social and Abnormal Psychology. She went on to Aurora University to earn her Master's Degree in Social Work and obtain her Professional Educator license, including an ISBE Type 73 certification. Britt acquired her clinical social work license in the spring of 2022 which expanded her abilities and capacity to serve.

Britt lives in Geneva with her husband, Bryan, and two children, Leo ad Ellie. She has a deep love for coffee, running, and documentaries. Britt maintains her role as Social Worker Interventionist in the secondary education setting. 

Britt can be contacted at or 630-545-0234.