Ritu Shah, M.B.A.

 Mrs. Ritu Shah joined Wanzenberg & Associates in late 2017 as our Parent Liaison. This role was developed to improve our outreach to the broader community and to enhance our outreach to clinical and educational resources in the Chicagoland area.  She comes to Wanzenberg & Associates with an undergraduate degree in Engineering from The University of Michigan and an M.B.A. from Case Western Reserve University.  Ritu has over 9 years of human resource consulting experience.

Uniquely qualified as a resource to our families, a Chicagoan and a special needs parent herself, Ritu has gone through the arduous process of identifying the right educational resources for children with special needs.  Throughout this journey, Ritu has learned critical lessons from the process, both as a parent and advocate.  She has learned the importance of surrounding children with the right people and resources, and stridently advocates for appropriately ambitious services for all children with disabilities.  One of the pivotal resources that helped Ritu and her family very directly was Wanzenberg & Associates lay advocacy.   This process was long and arduous, but enduring the end results were ultimately favorable.   Our practice supported and guided her family through an uncertain phase of their journey, and Dr. Wanzenberg remains actively invested in their long-term achievement. A natural partnership was formed from this experience, and Dr. Wanzenberg values having the meaningful perspective of a parent in the daily operations of W&A.

Ritu seeks to impart her knowledge, experience, and unique advocacy skills to other parents that are experiencing challenges with securing appropriate services for their children.   As a parent, she understands firsthand how critical this support can be and is an invaluable resource to the consultants and families of W&A.

Ritu can be reached at rns@iepguardians.org, and (216) 832-4727