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Our firm specializes in alternatives to advocacy which typically lose sight of the child behind the issue(s).  A rich background from various school systems tempers our mission to negotiate with a strong understanding for a student’s IEP rights.  We pride ourselves on professional, moderated, and data-driven dialog between schools and families.

We provide the following services for families:

    Special education strategy/advocacy for families
    IEP goal and service alignment
    Advanced transition planning for young adults with disabilities
    College and post-high school agency selection
    Psycho-educational assessment and college accommodations testing
    Executive skills coaching and learning strategies instruction
    Tutoring services for students with disabilities
    Enhanced case-management for students with IEP’s and 504 Plans
    College preparation for students with disabilities
    Response to Intervention (RTI) fidelity    
    ACT and College Board (SAT & AP) accommodations and appeals
    Support and planning for private therapeutic placements
    Referral services for legal support, mental health integration, placement continuum, financial aid, and vocational assessment

Whether empowering your family as more efficient advocates or enhancing case management services by bridging high school and college, our mission is clear:

We advocate for all students’ optimal level of performance and independence in every phase of the special education service continuum.

Families are encouraged to contact us for a free consultation to discuss your child's special education needs and how our firm can assist you in positive, student-focused outcomes in:

Public school placements
College & post-high school education
Alternative placements
Adult agencies
Career experiences 

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